What to Expect - The Process

The Initial consultation


When you contact me you will be invited to have an informal free of charge, initial consultation. This is where we get a chance to get to know each other, as well as briefly go over a few of your dress ideas.

With no obligation to hire me, you will get to see where the magic happens and look at a few samples of my work. We will discuss your dress ideas as well as my processes and policies.

This your chance to interview me and see if I’m the right fit for you. If we click and you are comfortable and confident in having your dress made with Alissia Couture. We will schedule you in for a design consultation.


The design consultation, sketches, fabrics and quote


Your design consultation (This is charged at £100, and will be taken off your invoiced amount if you commission us to make your dress) is where we look at your ideas more in depth.

From the initial consultation you would have been invited to join your very own Pinterest board. From here we will look through images and discuss styles, editing down to final design, fabric and embellishment ideas.

After your design consultation I will sketch up to three designs, produce a bespoke design proposal and No obligation quote. We will send this via email to you with contract attached, which you will need to sign and return with 50% deposit if you decide to commission Alissia couture to make your dress.


Contracts, Deposit and Measurements


You have decided to have your dress made with Alissia Couture, and have chosen your design. At this stage you would have paid your Non-refundable deposit and be invited in to have measurements taken (we take over 25 measurements to draft your bespoke pattern).

We will still continue to talk through ideas and tweak your chosen design as we go along if needed. This process is about you, and you have complete control over the design.

 it’s a collaborative process.


Toile and first fitting


Once your major design decisions have been made we will begin to draft your one of a kind bespoke pattern based on your unique measurements.  From here we will produce a toile (mock up version of your dress) out of a muslin or calico fabric.

In front of a mirror I will pin, cut and draw onto the toile so as to fine tune your design. This enables you to see the fit and shape and make any minor changes.


Tweaks and subsequent fittings


New lines, shape and measurements are transferred on to your bespoke pattern and you will be invited back for a second toile fitting. Sometimes these tweaks can be done to the original toile but other times a new toile will be made for your next fitting.

At every fitting you have the opportunity to fine tune the details of your chosen design, the emphasis is on you feeling happy and comfortable in the direction your design is going in.

This stage may be repeated several times until you and I are both happy with the overall design, shape and fit. Once this has been signed off we are ready to begin making your dress in your chosen fabrics.


Final Fabrics first fitting


Your dress pattern has been finalised and is ready to be cut in your chosen fabrics.

This stage is where we finalise your fabrics (sometimes your fabrics have already been chosen earlier in the process and bought by this stage) samples are bought so you can touch feel and see how the fabric behaves. We then start cutting out and sewing together the final version of your dress. Once your dress is together (but not finished) you will be invited in for your first fitting.

This is where your dress comes alive and you will see your design in its “real” state. Final tweaks are made and your dress is ready to be finished and lined.


Finishing and collection


Your dress will now be finished and ready for your last and final fitting. At this stage there still maybe a few little adjustments, like the hem or sewing on an embellishment.  Or your dress will be complete and ready to take away with you. (Unless you have opted into our dressing on the day service)

We will finalise paper work and any outstanding payments and your completed dress will be presented in a garment bag and or storage box for you to take away with you.



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