I am a Designer who likes to draw inspiration from all around me and I have a love of all things historical and feminine. I was bought up in a colourful and creative environment, a home filled with sewing, fabrics, fashion and history. With a degree in fashion and costume I like to mix my favourite silhouettes from history and mix these with the latest fabrics, textile applications and of course corsetry.

I believe a woman not matter what size should feel exquisite, feminine and beautiful.

Every dress is made in the Cotswolds using couture techniques, bespoke patterns and high quality fabrics.

My love of all things technical has lead me into teaching my own creative workshops in corsetry and pattern cutting. So not only can I design you your dream dress I can also show you how to make your very own garments that fit and are unique to you.

Don’t be shy! If you have a question or would like to visit for a chat just drop me an email or call.


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